Secretly See Text Messages From any Cell Phone!

see text messages

If you’ve ever been tempted to spy on someone’s text messages, today we look at a way that you can see texts from any cell phone.

And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how much cell phones are used for these days!  It’s almost funny to think back about when they were only used for phone calls – that’s not the case anymore!

People use their phones to text, surf the web, use facebook, take pictures and videos, email and a bunch more.


And there’s a software program that lets you see all of this activity without the person using the phone knowing that you can see it….


Check out a demo here  >  >  >



See Text Messages From Someone’s Phone


Now that you’ve had a second to look at the website I linked to above, you know a little bit about the cell phone monitoring software called StealthGenie.

This software is an incredibly surveillance tool that gives you a way to see what someone’s doing on their phone.


The software comes in handy whenever you’re in a position where you need to learn about what someone’s doing.  By being able to see text message from someone’s phone and all the other activity you can quickly learn about their lives.


There are a number of questions that this software can help answer…..

Is someone cheating on you?

Is someone stealing from you?

Are your kids staying safe?


Those are just three examples of common worries people have that this software can reveal answers to.


The process for using StealthGenie is simple.  It gets installed on the phone (very easy to do) and from that point on you simply need to logon to a website with a username and password that you’ll be given to see activity from the phone.

When you’re logged in you’ll see all sorts of details, including:

    • See every text messages
    • Take a look at the call history
    • View and photos or videos from the phone
    • Look over the web browsing history
    • Listen to actual phone calls
    • See the contact list and address book from the phone

Check it out here


There’s no doubt that this can be a useful tool and it’s worth checking out if you want to see someone’s texts and get details on what else they’re using their phone for!