Spy On A Cell Phone Without Anyone Knowing!

spy on a cell phone

Ever wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes and be able to spy on a cell phone without anyone knowing?

Nowadays that’s a common wish that people have since cell phones are used for just so much!  If you can spy on a cell phone you can easily know about what another person is doing!

And you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to be able to  – its actually pretty darn easy…

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Spy On A Cell – Is It Really That Easy?


If you saw the demo and website that I linked to above then you learned about a software program called StealthGenie.  This software is known as a cell phone surveillance software and is designed to monitor various phones.

With it people can observe everything that someone else does on their phone and since it’s a hidden software program that person won’t know that they’re being “watched”.


This software will let you spy on a cell phone and see all of the following:

    • See the full contact list and address book from the phone
    • Read the person’s text messages (sent, received AND deleted texts)
    • Look at any photos taken with the cell phone
    • Track the actual location of the phone
    • View the browsing history from any web surfing
    • LISTEN to actual cell phone calls

See all the features here


Now I probably don’t have to tell you why people would want to spy on a cell phone – there’s a ton of different reasons.

Obviously people are using cell phone for a lot more than they did five years ago!  You can text, email, surf the web and a bunch more.


So if you could see all of this you could know what was going on in that person’s life.  It’s that exact reason why people would want to spy on a phone.


Maybe you are suspicious that someone’s cheating on you.  Monitor their cell and you can find out.

Maybe you’re a parent and you have kids you want to keep an eye on.

Or maybe you have a roommate who you think has been stealing from you…..


There’s many different reasons why spying on a cell phone can be useful and this software’s worth checking out for that reason.


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